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Nedan tre videos från Kabul och Afghanistan


På gott humör, den 18/2 2017, fick ju lön även denna gång, och 'medans i livet'

the basket of deplorables

Kom att tänka på Hillarys uttalande, hösten 2016, om att de personer, som inte röstade för fortsatta krig i Afghanistan. Irak, Libyen, Syrien osv, och därför inte röstade på henne  —  ja, de låg i "the basket of deplorables"...

Jag har bestämt mig för att skriva ner vad jag vet om pappas vistelse i Minnesota.
Inspired in a tremendeous way, av den (den 2/2 2017) påbörjade släktforskningen. Varför har t ex ancestry ingenting som jag direkt kunde börja använda? T ex något om de beklagansvärda: de som inte hamnade på livets solsida.

Tänker på pappas tal om koma, eller att resa upp till Port Arthur [Thunder Bay] på en godsvagns boggi.

Låg han månne på hospital med 'typhiod fever' i Duluth eller i Minneapolis? Det borde gå att efterforska - såvitt han inte levat där borta (1907 - 1921) med annat namn och nr i akt och mening att slippa bli inkallad i WW 1 ...


Filmen Guldfeber i Alaska, med Charlie Chaplin
The Gold Rush


September 14, 2016 "Information Clearing House"

- In an interview with John Micklethwait of Bloomberg Businessweek, Putin was asked about Russia’s desire to expand its influence geographically.

Putin answered as follows:

“I think all sober-minded people who really are involved in politics understand that the idea of a Russian threat to, for example, the Baltics is complete madness. Are we really about to fight NATO? How many people live in NATO? About 600 million, correct? There are 146 million in Russia. Yes, we’re the biggest nuclear power. But do you really think that we’re about to conquer the Baltics using nuclear weapons? What is this madness? That’s the first point, but by no means the main point.

“The main point is something completely different. We have a very rich political experience, which consists of our being deeply convinced that you cannot do anything against the will of the people. Nothing against the will of the people can be done. And some of our partners don’t appear to understand this. When they remember Crimea, they try not to notice that the will of the people living in Crimea—where 70 percent of them are ethnic Russians and the rest speak Russian as if it’s their native language—was to join Russia. Those in the West simply try not to see this.

“In one place, Kosovo, the West invoked the will of the people, but not in Crimea. This is all a political game. So, to give reassurances, I can say that Russia has pursued and plans to pursue an absolutely peaceful foreign policy directed toward cooperation.

“As far as expanding our zone of influence is concerned, it took me nine hours to fly to Vladivostok from Moscow. This is about the same from Moscow to New York, through all of Eastern and Western Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you think we need to expand something?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

"Do you think we need to expand something?”

A clear awareness of one's context is so critical to sane and rational behaviour.
Thank you president Putin! May the Almighty bless you.

Jussi Björling   —   Gösta Ekman 1923:   En dam av ädel vandel..


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria   —   publikt album semester november 2014


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