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Syria 2014


Syrien hösten 2014

The myth of so-called "Kobani": survivors of the genocide perpetrated against them by Ottoman Turks and their Kurdish allies, Armenians founded a town just south of the then recentky conpleted railway which was partially constructed by Armenian and Christian labor that was abused by the likes of the Ottoman governor of Damascus who was known to kill, maim, starve and let die Christian laborers who built much of the railroads in Syria and the region of Al Jazira. This town is today called Ayn Al-Arab and known to Kurdish settlers as Kobani. The Kurds are the descendants of the same Kurds who committed the genocide against the Christians on the promise that they could keep all Christian properties as the spoils of war. In other words, these very same Kurds are the descendants of the likes of ISIS. After killing Christians, they followed their paths of flight and settled among them, eventually outnumbering them and claiming their new home as being Kurdish from the beginning of time when so-called "Kobani" was only founded several decades ago by Armenians, NOT Kurds!
This same history is true of the city of Qamishli, which was founded by Syrian Christian survivors of the genocide perpetrated at the hands of Kurdish militias and citizens who responding to a call for jihad against all Christian citizens massacred men, women, children and the elderly turning entire rivers red from the amount of blood they spilled, rounding up Christians and burning them alive, beheading men, raping women and taking children as slaves. This is the real history of the Kurds of Ayn Al-Arab and Qamishli, two towns founded by Christians fleeing the Kurds and uktimately colonized by Kirds fleeing their Turkish allies and masters who after promising them the spoils of war crushed Kurdish ambitions to turn historically Syrian lands and ancient Christian regions into a Kurdish homeland.

This is the history of two of the three so-called autonomous regions of the so-called "Rojava" a complete fabrication of history. Instead of wasting lives defending what they stole from others, Kurds should migrate beyond the Zagros to historically Kurdish lands instead of perpetuating the persecution that their ancestors inflicted on others as the foot soldiers and butchers of their 400 year long allies the Ottoman Turks.
I suppose those who support the Kurdish claims to the ancient Syrian heartlands of Mesopotamia will tomorrow support recognition of the Islamic State occupation of lower Mesopotamia.

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and another well informative text (from the syrianperspective blog)
Syria buried a thousand gods one more to go says: October 12th, 2014 at 3:16 AM [Level 0 - Anonymous]

Islam and what it teaches as a supremacist religion rooted in Judaism and the behavior of muslims who adhere to it are two different things. So, you can speak of the supremacist nature of Islam but remember not all muslims behave as Mohammad and his criminal companions like the murderer Khalid ibn Al Walid who is known as the Drawn Sword of Allah. Shia consider the companions of Mohammad as criminals, believe the Quran is corrupted and are just shy of the obvious criticism of Mohammad himself which would negate all of Islam. The Sunni religion celebrates these criminal companions and the actions Mohammad commanded and inspired them to take which is the basis for ISIS.

Most Sunnis confronted with this behavior have begun to hate their religion and in Syria it is Sufism which predominates. With secular nationalism, Syrians of all religions see each other as their countrymen whereas supremacists see non-muslims as lesser human beings worthy of fewer rights and never to be fully trusted.

Secularism is what the Islamists find is gheir greatest enemy because human equality negates their whole religion. Otherwise, with human equality there is no incentive to be a muslim and nothing detrimental to not be one. Equality and secularism will always be the main enemy of Islam of all persuasions.

The original name for Qamishli before it was Turkified was Beit Zalin, or "house of reeds" which is the same meanibg preserved by the Turkified name. Kurds just fabricate history, and to make it sound Kurdish call it Qamishlo and claim it as one of three so-called Kurdish regions which together comprise the fabricated "rojava" or western kurdistan. The region and city has no Kurdish origin and all the while playing the homeless victims, the nomadic Kurds in fact made themselves homeless and stateless by allyibg themselves with the Ottomans to invade, occupy and subjugate the peoples of anatolia and syria. Both Turks and Kurds share with the Arabs a nomadic origin in which they survive by controlling and ultimately slitting the throats of the creatures they herd, first animals like sheep and then human beings.
Ayn Al-arab or so called Kobani, the former being the official name and the latter being the Kurdish name supposedly borrowed from a company responsible for the engineering and project management for the railroad (a German firm working on the Berlin-Baghdad-Basra railway project) ignores the original name given to the town by the Armenian survivors who gounded it: Arabounar

The so-called capital of so-called Iraqi Kurdistan is Erbil, the city of four gods in the native syriac/aramaic language. The Kurds renamed it Hewlar to suggest it has a kurdish history or origin, more typical fabricated history by the Kurds who believe wherever they walk is Kurdestan. Mosul and many other ancient Syrian cities and regions in Syria, Iraq and in Tur Abdin (Syriac for mountains of the servants) the Syrian heartland occupied by Turkey and ethnicslly cleansed by Kurds of its native Syrian and Christian peoples much like ISIS is doing today have no Kurdish origin yet Kurds will fight and die for their spoils of war while claiming that these lands belong to them and wanting to kick out arabs who they claim do not belong but not looking at their history and migration to cities they did not found and have no legitimate claim to. They believe their people's ethnic cleansing of the land makes it Kurdish and their migration to the cities is legitimate but others are their illegally. They pervert the truth making others believe that Syria occupies parts of their homeland rather than the other way around!

They would be wise to abandon Syria en masse voluntarily and focus their energy and lives on building their homeland beyond the Zagros. Afterall, the Kurds are the ones to say "where the mountains end, the Kurds end", so why do they claim even an inch of Mesopotamia where they have no history and legitimate cause? Look at their maps, they claim Alexandretra and parts of Idlib not because of any historic legitamacy but because they want a port without which they will be landlocked. The Kurds are the same as ISIS, the same as their former Turk allies and the same as their colonial allies in Israel. Perhaps they ought to stop with their attempts at occupying other peoples' lands and trying to deckare their spoils of war as their property and the suffering they are causing themselves and others will end.


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